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Cardio Equipment

Athletes from around the world will tell you, cardio is a fundamental cog in the working engine of an athlete. Cariovascular conditioning helps to strengthen the most important muscle in your body...your heart! The heart is comprised of specialized muscle fibres which are found in no other place in the human body. The best way to work it out is through cardio and endurance based exercise found on cardio equipment.

Cardio equipment allows the user to increase the intensity, speed, and resistence to suit their needs. Having an abundance of equipment to choose from provides diversity in muscle engagement, and keeps the bordom from setting in. Can-Pro has a variety of cardio vascular equipment including Cybex Arc Trainers, Precor Treadmills, Cybex stationary bikes, and rowing machines.

Other benefits to cardio-conditioning are; burns calories, improves heart health, increases metabolism, improves and accelerates injury rehabilitation, improves overall circulation, accelerates overall athletic performance, tunes in heart rate recovery, and accelerates fat loss.

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